Our Social Media Adventure! #475Day

This past week was no average week in J475: Social Media & the News… it was SOCIAL MEDIA ADVENTURE WEEK! What does that mean for us? It means we (Alexa Carlson and I) had the pleasure of exploring a new neighborhood in Madison and experimenting with our social media skills as we went. Check out where our adventure took us!

Adventures on East Johnson Street

Alexa and I received our directions and felt slightly overwhelmed, but we dove right into it. Here we are prepping for our adventure and introducing our plan:

When we arrived to East Johnson Street, we stumbled upon the perfect thrift shop to explore first, the Good Style Shop.  

The neighborhood had so many beautiful components to it… even the sides of the buildings were used to display art and murals. Here’s an example of one the photos Alexa took and then enhanced through the app Prisma:

One of the shops we explored, Fontaine, offered an endless variety of home decor items. We talked with Barry Avery, the owner of the store, about what it’s like choosing items to sell in the store:

Others in the neighborhood seemed to relate to the vibe of @GoodStyleShop, @UpShiftSwapShop and Fontaine. After exploring the geography-based social media program Banjo, we wrote a headline and paragraph summing up the area’s atmosphere:

A Hipster’s Haven: Madison’s East Side has got it all

The offbeat neighborhood just east of Madison’s Capitol Building, known as Madison’s East Side, undoubtedly offers the ideal playground for free spirits. Featuring streets lined with bohemian thrift shops, tiny record stores and indie cafés, the neighborhood is an Instagrammer’s delight. Recent weekend-goers have posted photos of their latte art, record players and handmade jewelry, contributing to the neighborhood’s authentic, grassroots vibe.

As part of our adventure, we made an effort to not just observe the community, but also to engage in it. First, Alexa spoke with Molly, a retailer at Good Style Shop, about the surrounding business community:

Next, we headed across the street to another thrift shop, UpShift Swap Shift, where I spoke with Amy about UpShift’s greater mission:  

Later, we tried out a few different editing apps as we snapped photos along East Johnson Street. Check out our three favorites!

Here, we used the text overlay app, WordSwag:

Then, we captured a panorama of some of the stores lining the street. Here’s the before and after of the Instagram filter:

Finally, we utilized Instagram’s Layout feature to compose a multi-photo visual of UpShift Swap Shop:

While preparing for our adventure day, we also checked out some Pinterest boards about thrift shops and neighborhoods filled with murals — two things that certainly weren’t in short supply on East Johnson Street.

Making a GIF and meme were two of our favorite tasks on the hunt!

In the midst of this social media immersion, we discussed our favorite social media platforms on Whatsapp…

…and ended our day excited to share our story with you right here on our blogs!

It’s been such a pleasure participating in Social Media Adventure Week and following our fellow classmates’ adventures via social media. Check out our reactions to their posts by following @Mariel_McAleer and @lexa_bryn on Twitter, and check out the full Storify about our own adventure right here! We hope you enjoyed our journey!


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