The News Revolution

As someone who took awhile to catch on to social media, I think 15-year-old me would be surprised at just how integrated various social platforms are in both my daily life and the daily life of nearly everyone in the modern world. Due to the innovative minds behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, these mediums that used to connect users with each other are now an essential part in connecting users with the news.

This “News Revolution” within social media has changed just about everything we do. Whereas we used to turn to newspapers and nightly news segments for the latest information on current events, we now to turn to the Trending feed on Facebook, to hashtags on Twitter, and to Discover stories on Snapchat. Accessing information is easier than ever, but this also creates a unique challenge for news organizations.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

In order to stand out from the clutter that has taken shape in the realm of social media and news, organizations and individuals have to be maximally adept at shaping and expressing their “voice.” Certain individuals have done an especially good job at taking on this task, and they have risen up to become the “key influencers” that other organizations utilize to propel their own “voices” and followings.

Bloggers and news organizations now constantly strive to create “buzz” about their content, ideas and information, all resulting in the constant beta culture of journalism that capitalizes on the integration of various news processes. News media is no longer a one-way stream of information from reporters to consumers; rather, it represents the complex web between consumers and reporters that take shape in discussions, commentary and follow-up in modern social platforms (Buzzmachine).

I am also continuously impressed by the recent trend of for-profit companies mirroring this News Revolution in their own marketing strategy. More and more, we see companies utilize social media to better connect with their readers and further engage with their consumers (UnMarketing).

As a journalism student striving to better develop my voice in the social world, I fully embrace this culture-shift as a positive step towards more inclusive and engaging journalism. I look forward to continually playing a role in this Revolution in my studies at UW-Madison, and eventually in my career in journalism.


(Feature Image Credit: Pixabay)


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