Let’s Get Viral

Ever heard of Rebecca Black’s “Friday“? Ever been pressured to dump a bucket of ice on your head in the name of a good cause? Ever found yourself saying “DAMN” to your good friend Daniel? Of course you have. But why? We all know “viral” when we see it. From Chewbacca Mom to Call Me … More Let’s Get Viral

Fake News: Real? Or Just an Alternative Fact?

Fake news: Nowadays, we hear this term everywhere, be it from friends, from late-night talk show hosts or from our president’s own Twitter handle. To a casual observer, fake news is proliferating now more than ever, and it’s all anyone can talk about. In reality, though, fake news has been around as long as “real” news … More Fake News: Real? Or Just an Alternative Fact?

The News Revolution

As someone who took awhile to catch on to social media, I think 15-year-old me would be surprised at just how integrated various social platforms are in both my daily life and the daily life of nearly everyone in the modern world. Due to the innovative minds behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, these … More The News Revolution

A Distorted Society

It’s not often that I glance in the mirror and don’t feel the immediate need to fix something. Whether a strand of hair is out of place, a necklace is lopsided or my makeup could use some touching up, rarely does the thought of adjusting my appearance ever so slightly not cross my mind. This … More A Distorted Society